Apartment AXG


The project involves the transformation of a common type of 2 bedroom apartment from 1980 in Romania. The transformation took almost a year and included interior architecture and furniture configuration as well as full supervision of the process. The young couple wanted a solution to a large open kitchen and living space, and to provide enough closed storage. The spatial structure was maintained while removing the walls that closed off the kitchen. The apartment’s colour scheme is a summer one with a modern and cosy approach. Fresh and inviting. Yellow and blue accents bring tremendous character to the space.

The interior space follows practical and functional aspects. The kitchen opens to the living room to create a single space living area.To give the illusion of more space, we opted a single finish for the floors, except the bathroom. The white handle free cabinets, with integrated appliances, are combined with warm wood. The kitchen is custom designed by us, as well as a few pieces for the entry area. In the living room, the tv furniture with yellow accents, adds character to the living room. One of the accent elements and custom design item is the wall lamp, which acts as a visual sign. The plywood lamp was laser cut and painted in the yellow paint from the backsplash.

Furniture: Mobileaza Frumos