Apartment no.19


Interior architecture project for a three room apartment. The original layout was redesigned, and the kitchen entrance was moved from the left to the right part of the living room, thus space for a storage area in the left part was increased and the living room now has more daylight. A metal door with glass filling is visually connecting the kitchen with the living area and providing natural lighting to the inner part of the apartment. Interventions were made in the living/kitchen areas to bring regularity and natural light to the space. This new partition maintains the two areas physically separate while framing the view of the kitchen. The main idea of the kitchen was to get rid of the L-shaped work surface and divide it into two parts to be more aesthetically pleasing, and functional, so everything is accessible and there is space for everything. The bathroom was also made a little more spacious.

The living is divided into two zones. The tv and sofa area and the coffee table zone. Lounge chairs to make an inviting sitting spot by the window. The coffee table zone is also a dining area. The expandable coffee table is transformed into a dinner table.

The clients’ desire for a house full of unnoticed details, a tidy environment, and a lack of unnecessary items is what ultimately led to the minimalist approach. White storage units almost disappear into the perimeter of the living room behind flat-fronted, handle-free doors.

We tried to make a calm and serene refuge with a neutral and natural colour palette. The interior has a combination of whites, beiges, and different wood tones.