Apartment no.2


Our client had a typical Romanian apartment that hasn’t seen any repairs for 40 years. The interior layout conditioned the design and distribution of the space.

We made small changes to improve the relationship between spaces, solving storage issues and reconfiguring the kitchen area. The existing pantry (near the kitchen) and a small portion of the hallway were integrated into the kitchen to maximize the countertop area and allow for the addition of a table.

The door from the living room to the small hallway next to the bathroom has been removed for greater functionality and convenience. We replaced the swinging door of the loggia with a sliding glass door to allow more light and easy access.

Importance was given to small details, looking for practical and aesthetic solutions.

The style is clean and simple. Hues of grey extend throughout the entire apartment with deep colour accents such as the turquoise kitchen furniture or deep blue sofa. We opted for white furniture in the bedrooms and living room.

The kitchen and bedroom closets are custom designed by us.