Studio AA


Interior design and custom furniture for a 1 bedroom studio in Constanta. The space is designed for renting on short-term. We created a slatted wooden divider to delineate the living area from the sleeping area and allow the light to pass through, while still providing a bit of privacy. The custom room divider incorporates a small storage area and the TV swivel stand, which allow the TV screen to be rotated and serve both areas. For a minimalist approach and to make cleaning easier, a cement floor is chosen throughout the studio. The studio has subtle off-white walls, combined with green accents and wood panels. The green accents in the furniture, small furnishings and wallpaper, contrast very nicely with the concrete surfaces and the off-white walls. The kitchen extended countertop, which also acts as a table divides the kitchen from the living area. All the light pendants are black to strike a more minimalist style aesthetic in the apartment.

Furniture: Mobileaza Frumos