Atelier Lilou


Atelier Lilou is a new beauty care centre located in the historic heart of Constanta, Romania. It occupies part of the semi-basement of a new building in the old city. The brief was to design something fresh, elegant and sophisticated. The project included interior architecture, branding, photography, adv and a responsive website.  The resulting interior beautifully complements the historic neighbourhood. Atelier Lilou’s identity is a mix of bohemian and modern. The naming for the brand arises from the owner’s surname (Lili). Also, we took inspiration from the flower of Lilium and extended it across branding and interior architecture. We designed Atelier Lilou’s new identity with the mission to communicate quality and sophistication without losing approachability. Additionally, to maintain brand and aesthetic consistency we used the same colours and typography for the website. The pattern also appears on the reverse of the business cards as well. What results is a curated mix of flower pattern and paired with a type-driven mark for a modern approach with vintage sensibilities. We also provided responsive web design services so that the website performs beautifully on all devices like tablets and smartphones. The result is a brand that’s perfectly aligned with the look and feel of the beauty care centre. The furniture is custom made and produced by local artisans. Implementation of the project took 12 months.